Edward M. Greene
Senior Director of Early Learning - EM GREENE Associates International
Edward M. Greene, Senior Associate | EM GREENE Associates International | Transformational Thinking & Idea Development

Ed Greene is Senior Associate for Child Development, Early Learning and Children’s Digital Media Environments at EM GREENE Associates International. This organization’s primary focus is on providing culturally relevant consultation, training and idea development for non-profits and social entrepreneurial ventures. Dr. Greene has 40 years of experience and expertise in the areas of child development, early learning and children's digital media environments. His focus areas include advising, and providing professional idea development services to support transformative approaches to capacity building, leadership, innovative services, anti-bias practices, and culturally relevant educational partnerships. He has served as a senior adviser to Cito (Netherlands) and its U.S. adaptation of the Piramide Approach to Early Learning, an instructional leadership coach for Teachscape, Inc, and its online state-of-the-art case-based learning platforms, and has experience as a former director of international outreach with Sesame Workshop working in Central America, The Andes, Kosovo, Jordan and India. He is currently a senior consultant for educational outreach and partnership development with the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, a U.S. Department of Education Ready to Learn grantee developing educational and instructional transmedia materials for young children, ages 3, 4, and 5.

Edward M. Greene
Senior Director of Early Learning
EM GREENE Associates, International
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